What Is Nutrilncode Genetic Testing?

Genetic My Nutrilncode Testing is a service we offer through Nutrigenomix. This simple buccal swab takes seconds and is done at our office. Results will be reviewed with you by our registered dietician within 3 weeks. My Nutrilncode test provides personalized recommendations based on your genetic predisposition towards weight gain and tests the following:

Appetite Regulation
Slower Metabolism
Response To A Low-Calorie Diet
Response To Exercise
Diabetes Metabolic Syndrome

Low HDL levels
General Obesity
Abdominal Obesity

Are you struggling to Lose Weight and Keep it off?

Well maybe you should be working smarter and not harder. Knowing your Genetic Profile may help!

My NutriIncode Is Now Available To Study The Genes Related To Obesity.

A simple saliva sample, collected by swabbing the inside of your cheek is all that is need to do this test and give you personalized recommendations of the best weight management program for you. If you think this testing might be right for you click below!