Individual Nutrition Assessments and Coaching is available for individuals looking for Non Weight loss nutrition plans.  The dietitian will perform a nutrition assessment, body composition testing, and provide a written meal plan.  Additional nutrition follow up visits can be purchased for continued nutrition coaching/counseling.

What you eat does matter! And nutrition plays a key role in managing your health. Learning about how to eat the right foods is one of the most important steps you can take in improving your overall health. The more you know, the more you can prevent serious complications and live life to the fittest.

Help yourself live better and longer by eating right in addition to exercising on a regular basis and reducing stress. All of the services and support you need to achieve your health and fitness goals are available through Nutrition Solutions

Your nutritionist will explain how foods affect your health and well-being and why certain foods are important to include in your diet.

We are experienced, thoughtful and grounded in research. We practice Therapeutic Nutritional Counseling—a proven approach to nutrition counseling that will meet your physical, mental and emotional needs. We use the latest in scientific research, clinical experience, problem-solving skills, and an intuitive approach to help you feel better.

You will receive a personalized eating plan along with recipes and suggestions for meals, snacks and beverages.  Your nutritionist will work with you to set goals and develop practical ways for you to implement our real-food approach to eating.

Nutrition counseling offers help and hope for every health concern, whether you want to…

  • Manage a chronic illness
  • Have fewer aches and pains in your back and/or joints
  • Have better digestion
  • Manage anxiety and depression
  • Conquer eating issues
  • Lose weight and rev up your metabolism
  • Increase energy and well-being

Start Living Healthier Today!

We all know by now that there's no magic pill or secret to staying fit, but it doesn't have to be hard or time consuming to look and feel your best, either. Let's work together to make your nutrition habits and healthy weight sustainable. I'm not a fan of dieting, calorie counting, or rigid meal plans - I believe in working together to find an individual and realistic approach to nutrition that fits within your lifestyle, schedule, and goals. 550 Brookwood Point Place in Simpsonville, SC, we strive to provide healthy meal choices on a daily basis. Stop by and see us today, or give us a call at 864-676-1248 Ext. 7 to start scheduling meals!